Torii Library

Hours of Operation

Effective Wednesday, July 15, due to the elevated HPCON "C" level, we have moved into Phase 2 response. Torii Library's hours of operation will be 9am to 5pm Tuesday through Saturday. Open for curbside dropoff/pickup and in/out processing only. Call 644-4468 to make arrangements.

Monday Closed
Tuesday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Wednesday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Thursday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday Closed
Holidays Closed


Mail Code: IMJN-OMW-RL
Temporary Facility: Bldg #251
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WiFi Available

Handicap Accessible


Military DSN Tel:

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106389040_3039515812750248_2009192804528248402_o.jpg**UPDATE** as of 7/1/2020: Work on the $1.2 million library roof and structural repair project of Torii Library (Bldg 248) has recently begun with a current estimated completion date of December 2020/January 2021.  Due to multiple on-going construction projects, the library will relocate in late August/early September from its current location (Bldg 251) to the Arts and Crafts Center (Bldg 240) for a short period of time before moving back into its permanent home building in late December 2020/early January 2021.**

Endless Selections.jpg

What We Offer


Endless selections...

We offer a wide variety of books, media, and complimentary services. Search the Library Catalog to view our exciting selections. Our services include:

  • Books - Over 10,000 print books
  • Children's materials
  • DVDs / BluRays - Including new releases
  • Video games - XboxONE, PS4, and WiiU titles
  • Music CDs
  • Ebooks - Over 20,000 titles for handheld devices
  • Audiobooks - Over 6,000 titles available in MP3 format
  • Commercial internet
  • Computer lab
  • Free printing - Up to 10 color copies 
  • Scanning and document shredding
  • Movie room - Available on a first-come first-serve basis - 60" flat screen
  • Children's Story Time - Visit our Torii MWR-Okinawa Facebook for upcoming events
Code of Conduct

Our pledge to you

We want to provide our patrons the best library experience possible. In doing so, we need your support in upholding our community library rules. Ask our Librarians for a full list of our policies or download our Library Policies (PDF).  

A few rules that people often ask about: 

Food and Drink

We have a coffee and sandwich shop right in our library. Here are a few pointers when eating and sipping one of our cafe's delicious organic coffee blends:

  • Only food and drink purchased at our Pirates Republic Coffee Shop is permitted.
  • Drinks are allowed in all areas of our library.
  • Be courteous and clean up your area after use.  

Parental Supervision

Children are welcome in the library. Installation policies on child supervision apply. 

Per the USAG Okinawa Child and Youth Supervision Matrix, Torii Library follows these guidelines. Parents are responsible for the welfare and safety of children and adolescents at all times. 


Return Policies


  • Item Limit:  What you can carry
  • Term:  3 weeks

Video / DVD / BluRays

  • Item Limit:  5
  • Term:  1 week

Music CDs

  • Item Limit:  5
  • Term:  1 week

Video Games

  • Item Limit:  3
  • Term:  1 week