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Torii Outdoor Recreation

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We’re your one-stop rental facility for all your recreation needs, beach equipment, organization day gear, parties, supplies and so much more.

Outdoor Recreation Cycling Challenge

Ready to pedal your way to victory? Join our Outdoor Recreation Cycling Challenge starting May 1st! Challenge yourself to conquer miles and win an exclusive cycling jersey! Visit Torii Outdoor Recreation to sign up or email form below to For more information visit



Torii Picnic Area.jpgWe make roughing it easy!

Tents, grills, lanterns, coolers, and a host of other camping supplies from the Torii Outdoor Recreation will have you camping with ease. Showers and bathrooms are also available next to the camping area. Come enjoy your weekend at Torii Beach.  A map of Torii Beach Camping Areas will help you reserve your ideal camp site.

Torii Beach has two camping areas: South Camping and North Camping.  There are a total of 12 sites in the South Camping area.  Each site is equipped with one picnic table, a tent pad, and a grill. 

The North Beach Camping area can accommodate large groups and is a perfect location for boys and girls scout camping, unit events and parties. The site is equipped with concrete tables, a grill, a pit for bon fires and offers a spectacular sunset view.

Beach fires are not permitted.  All open flames must be contained in a grill, the fire pit or fire rings all which can be rented through the Torii Outdoor Recreation Equipment Checkout Center.

As of June 2020, the camping areas have become pet friendly.  Pet owners should be familiar with the pet policy before bringing pets to Torii Beach. Please ensure your pet is always leashed and dispose of all pet waste in the provided trash receptacles.

Camp Site Fees

Item Daily 
Camp site $10.00
North beach camp site $30.00



The electrical grid at our South Camping area was severely damaged during the typhoon and are currently not available.  We are diligently working to bring back this feature so that you can have your creature comforts available to you.  There is no power available in the North Camping area.

Camping Equipment
Item Daily 
Tent 4 Man $15.00
Tent 8 Man $35.00
Tent, Foundation $3.00
Grill, Small $5.00
Grill, Tabletop $3.00
Grill, Free Standing $3.00
Grill, Large $25.00
Grill, Large Propane $85.00
Flat Top Propane $85.00
BBQ Plate / Griddle $3.00
BBQ Grill Utensil Set $3.00
Fire Ring $10.00
Firewood $5.00
Lantern $2.00
Table, Picnic $5.00
Cookware, 5Piece $3.00
Cookware, Dutch Oven $3.00
Stove, Gas, Cassette $3.00
Chair Folding $2.00
Camping Chair $2.00
Small Generator $30.00
Generator 45V $100.00
Generator 65V $150.00


Beach Equipment
Item Daily 
Lounge chair $3.00
Table, Folding, 8ft $3.00
JBL charge 3 $5.00
Umbrella beach set $10.00
Ice chest (15 gal) $10.00
Ice chest (25 gal) $15.00
Ice chest (40 gal) $30.00
Canopy 12x18 $25.00


Sports Equipment
Item Daily 
Volleyballs $1.00
Football $1.00
Frisbee $1.00
Soccer Ball $1.00
Horseshoes $2.00
Corn Hole $5.00
Bocce Set $5.00
Metal Detector $5.00
Softball Glove & Ball $5.00
Tether Ball & Pole $5.00
Disk Bash $5.00
Ring Toss $5.00
Tic-Tac-Play $5.00
Jenga $5.00
Disk Golf $5.00
Spikeball $5.00
Tipsy toss $5.00
Tug-O-War rope $10.00
Bicycle Touring  $10.00
Bicycle Mountain  $10.00


Ocean Equipment
Item Hourly  Daily
Boogie Board $3.00 $15.00
Kayak Single $3.00 $15.00
Kayak Double $5.00 $25.00
Standup Paddle Board $5.00 $25.00




Host your party on the beach today!

Our pavilions offer cool shade and have built-in tables and seating. Torii Beach Map

Pavilion  Accommodates  Price
1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 100 $50.00
13 50 $50.00
Main Grass 500 $100.00


Pavilion 1

  • Open pavilion close to North Beach, campsite and parking
  • Access to volleyball court

Pavilion 2

  • Open pavilion close to lanai and restrooms
  • Access to volleyball court

Pavilion 4

  • Open pavilion close to Outdoor Recreation, rentals, lanai, and restrooms.
  • Concrete pad

Pavilion 5

  • Open pavilion close to Outdoor Recreation, rentals, emergency services, The Cove, water park and parking
  • Okinawan themed pavilion
  • Large concrete pad

Pavilion 6

  • Open pavilion closest to water park, playground and The Cove
  • Electrical hookups to host large gatherings requiring multiple outlets for equipment and inflatables
  • Large grassy areas to support kids and adult lawn games
  • Pets are not allowed on this part of the beach

Pavilion 7

  • Open pavilion close to South Beach main entrance, playground, restrooms and main grass area
  • Built-in tables
  • Pets are not allowed on this part of the beach

Pavilion 13

  • Open pavilion within the beach cabin community
  • Priority is given to beach cabin occupants
  • Concrete pad
  • Electrical hookups
  • Pets are not allowed on this part of the beach

Main Grass 

  • Open grass area close to the main entrance, direct access to restrooms
  • Perfect location to hold large unit and organizational events
  • Electrical hookups
  • Pets are not allowed on this part of the beach

Pets are not allowed in pavilions 6, 7, 13, and the Main Grass.

Charcoal grill is not included with rental fee. 

Canopies / Popups
Item Daily 
Popup 10 x 15 $15.00
Canopy 12 x 18 $25.00


Party and Special equipment


Item Daily 
Bubble machine $5.00
Fog machine $20.00
LED fog machine $40.00
Pig Bouncer $30.00
Tiger Bouncer $30.00
Dog Bouncer  $30.00
UFO Bouncer $30.00
Unicorn Bouncer $30.00
Pirate Cannon Bouncer $50.00
Pugil Stick Ring (x2 fighting ring) $100.00
Castle Bouncer $70.00
Pugil Stick Ring (x1 fighting ring) $70.00
Waterslide inflatable $300.00
Waterslide tunnel $300.00
35° Kraken bouncer $600.00
Party Costume $30.00 - $50.00
Splash pad

Summer Fun waterslide_splashpad-01.jpg


The project for 8 new cabins on Torii Beach is in progress.  

Adventure Programs

Book your next adventure with Torii Outdoor Recreation!

Our experienced staff offers outdoor experiences and instructional programs for individuals and groups interested in getting active and exploring the outdoors. Our programming is perfect for PT activities, organizational days, unit events, SFRG events, birthday parties, church, club events, and more!

Program Available Price Capacity
Hiking $10.00 Min: 20/ Max: 40
Biking  $15.00 Min: 10 / Max: 15
Paddle Boarding $25.00 Min: 10 / Max: 15
Kayaking  $30.00 Min: 10 /Max: 15

Please contact the Adventure Program Department at DSN: 652-4698/4795 or Direct: 098-962-4920 to schedule a consultation.

Note food & drinks are not available, but participants may provide their own.  Pavilions and sound equipment are available for rent.

Pet Policy

Effective June 2020, Torii Beach is now officially a dog friendly beach! Families with pet(s) are now welcome to bring dog(s) to Torii Beach.   All owners are to follow the pet leash policy, owner and pet rules, and pet policy infractions will be strictly enforced for safety, sanitation, wild life protection, and courtesy purposes.

USAG-Okinawa requires all pets be always kept on a leash except for the following:

a. No pets on the Landing Zone (LZ) and the adjacent beach.

b. No pets on the southern beach which is the Beach Entrance to Pavilion #5.

c. No pets are allowed within 50 feet of an eating establishment.

d. Pets participating in water activities such as paddleboarding, boating, etc. are allowed to be off-leash, however, this does not include wading in the surf.

e. The only non-leash area on the installation will be in the Torii Station Dog Park.

f. No pets are allowed within 50 feet of a marked migratory bird or turtle nest.  Torii Beach is home to many animals who nest from 01 April to 31 August. Nests are prominently marked and visible along the entire stretch of Torii Beach.

The following Owner and Pet Rules will be adhered to:

a. All pets must be up to date on all vaccinations to include rabies and vet registered at an on-base veterinary clinic.

b. Torii Pet Leash Policy will be adhered to at all times.

c. All pet waste will be picked up immediately and disposed of properly in provided trash receptacles.

d. Only well-behaved animals will be allowed on the installation. Any threatening or aggressive behavior will result in a violation.

e. Dog handlers must be at least 12 years of age. Handlers, regardless of age, must be able to control their pet(s) at all times. If a handler has more than one pet, control of animals must be maintained at all times.

f. Pet owners will NOT ALLOW their pets to dig on the beach or grassy areas. Torii Beach is an active nesting area for several aquatic animals to include several endangered or protected turtles and birds; by law these areas cannot be disturbed. 

Any animal that shows any signs of aggression will be asked to leave immediately. 

All violations of rules will be documented by Military Police and Outdoor Recreation (ODR) personnel.   For a full list of Owner and Pet Rules, please click here


For a downloadable version of above map, please click here.

Torii Station Dog Park

Torii Station Dog Park, located at the main entrance of Torii Beach, is the only designated no-leash area on the installation.  The dog park, has two separate enclosures designed for small and large dogs.   

Users of the dog park should be familiar with the following rules:

1. Handlers using the park are responsible for reading the rules of the dog park on first entering it.

2. All dogs must be current on all vaccinations and registered with Vet Clinic on Kadena Air Force Base.

3. Dogs are authorized off-leash in authorized dog-runs according to their weight.

4. Dogs weighing over 22 lbs. are considered LARGE and are authorized to use the LARGE DOG RUN.

5. Dogs weighing 21 lbs or less are authorized for the SMALL DOG RUN.

6. Dogs in any weight class who exhibit aggressive behavior to other dogs or patrons are NOT AUTHORIZED.

7. Pet waste will be collected by each handler and disposed of via the provided trash/solid waste collection containers.

8. A handler must be 12 years of age or older. Handlers, regardless of age, must be able to control their pet(s) at all times. 

9. Each dog brought into the park must be wearing, or the handler must carry, current vaccination and registration tags, which tags may be checked by the animal control authority or other law enforcement authority.

10. Dogs are to be brought to the park on leashes and released inside the dog park, and put under the control of the leash again as they exit the dog park.   No spike, choke, electric, or prong collars are allowed on dogs in the park.

11. No female dog in heat, or sick dog, shall be brought into the park.

12. Food, toys, and glass containers are prohibited in the dog park. Smoking is prohibited in the dog park.  

13. Handlers are to remain in visual contact with their dogs in the park, and shall have verbal control of their dogs in the park.  

14. A handler shall immediately leash and remove a dog that becomes aggressive, regardless of whether the dog has a history of bites or exhibits aggressive behavior towards other dogs and/or patrons.

15. Handlers shall control excessive barking.

16. A handler is responsible for destruction caused by his or her dog, which includes the responsibility of filling in any holes the dog digs while in the park.  

17. All patrons utilizing this facility do so at their own risk.

18. All violations of rules will be documented by Military Police and Outdoor Recreation (ODR) personnel.

The dog park currently does not have a water source, so be sure to bring water and a water dish for your pets.  The nearest water source (i.e. water faucet) is approximately 150 meters (3 minute walk) on Ruiz Drive.   If you walk down Ruiz Drive, you will see the water faucet and tap on your left along the fence line. 

Unit Parties

Planning your unit party couldn't be easier than at Torii Beach!

Everyone in your unit will have fun with all of the activities we offer. Let Coral Cove cater your party with delicious food and beverages. Contact our Catering Manager at DSN (315) 652-4655 or visit our Coral Cove page for more information.



  1. Full payment must be made at time of reservation
  2. Rental period is 24 hours.
  3. Any equipment rented from ODR and returned in need of cleaning will be charged a minimum of one day’s usage. Missing items, parts and /or damages will be charged at turn-in. Contracts will not be considered released until payment is made.
  4. No refunds for early returns.
  5. Patrons are responsible for any damages and insurance. Patron will sign a waiver to exclude the Government from liability at the time of contract execution.
  6. All usage fees must be paid prior to equipment issue.
  7. Patron is responsible for the rental item until it has been returned to the facility and the contract is closed out.
  8. Patron is responsible for loading/unloading equipment on or in his/her vehicle.
  9. All prices listed are subject to change.
  10. Inflatables require a five-to-seven-person detail for pick-up and returns. If returned without a detail, a 1-day fee will be assessed.
  11. Parental Supervision. 

    Families with children are welcomed to enjoy Torii Beach. Installation policies on child supervision apply. Torii Outdoor Recreation follows the USAG Okinawa Child and Youth Supervision Matrix. Parents are responsible for the welfare and safety of children and adolescents at all times. 

Contact Torii ODR To Make A Reservation

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