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Torii Outdoor Recreation

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Parental Supervision Policy

Parental Supervision

Families with children are welcome to enjoy Torii Beach, part of Torii Outdoor Recreation. Installation policies on child supervision apply. 

Torii Outdoor Rec follows the USAG Okinawa Child and Youth Supervision Matrix. Parents are responsible for the welfare and safety of children and adolescents at all times. 

Pet Policy

Effective June 2020, Torii Beach is now officially a dog friendly beach! Families with pet(s) are now welcome to bring dog(s) to Torii Beach.   All owners are to follow the pet leash policy, owner and pet rules, and pet policy infractions will be strictly enforced for safety, sanitation, wild life protection, and courtesy purposes.

USAG-Okinawa requires all pets be kept on a least at all times with the exception of the following:

a. No pets on the Landing Zone (LZ) and the adjacent beach.

b. No pets in beach Zone 3, areas in front of CJ's Sunset Grill and waterslide.

c. No pets are allowed on sports fields.

d. No pets are allowed within 50 feet of an eating establishment.

e. Pets participating in water activities such as paddleboarding, boating, etc. are allowed to be off-leash, however, this does not include wading in the surf.

f. The only non-leash area on the installation will be in the Torii Station Dog Park, to be completed end of 2020.

g. By directive from USAG-Okinawa Commander, exceptions for limited special events will be advertised as approved.

h. No pets are allowed within 50 feet of a marked migratory bird or turtle nest.  Torii Beach is home to many animals who nest from 01 April to 31 August. Nests are prominently marked and visible along the entire stretch of Torii Beach.

The following Owner and Pet Rules will be adhered to:

a. All pets must be up to date on all vaccinations to include rabies and vet registered at an on-base veterinary clinic.

b. Torii Pet Leash Policy will be adhered to at all times.

c. All pet waste will be picked up immediately and disposed of properly in provided trash receptacles.

d. Only well-behaved animals will be allowed on the installation. Any threatening or agressive behavior will result in a violation.

e. Dog handlers must be at least 12 years of age. Handlers, regardless of age, must be able to control their pet(s) at all times. If a handler has more than one pet, control of animals must be maintained at all times.

f. Pet owners will NOT ALLOW their pets to dig on the beach or grassy areas. Torii Beach is an active nesting area for several aquatic animals to include several endangered or protected turtles and birds; by law these areas cannot be disturbed. 

Any animal that shows any signs of aggression will be asked to leave immediately. 

All violations of rules will be documented by Military Police and Outdoor Recreation (ODR) personnel.   For a full list of Owner and Pet Rules, please click here. For a full list of penalties for infractions of Pet Leash policy and Owner and Pet Rules, click here


For a downloadable version of above map, please click here


The project for 8 new cabins on Torii Beach is in progress.  



Host your party on the beach today!

Our pavilions offer cool shade and have built-in tables and seating.

Pavilions - $50

Charcoal grill included with rental fee.  Please note power is not available.


Enhance your parties with our popular rental items.

  • Stage
  • Camp sites
  • Bonfire pit
  • Inflatable bouncers
  • Ocean kayaks
  • Grills
  • Snow cone machine
  • Popcorn machine
  • Rental costumes
  • Sports equipment
  • Surf boards
  • Stand-up paddle boards
  • Folding tables
  • Folding chairs and much more...

For a full list of our rental items and prices, please see our downloadable brochure.

Water park





Water slide has a height minimum requirement of 38 inches or 96 cm tall.  For a full price list including eligibility, click here

For a list of water slide rules, click here


Torii Picnic Area.jpgTorii Outdoor Rec has everything you need for the perfect camping trip.

You can rent sleeping bags, grills, and other camping supplies from the Torii Outdoor Recreation. Showers and bathrooms are also available next to the camping area. Come enjoy your weekend at Torii Beach.  Please note that due to typhoon damage, electrical hookups in the South Camping area are not available at this time.  There is no power available in the North Camping area.   Please take a look here for a map of Torii Beach's camping areas. 

As of June 2020, the camping areas have become pet-friendly.  Pet owners should be familiar with the pet policy which is available on this page before bringing pets to Torii Beach. Please ensure your pet is leashed at all times and dispose of all pet waste in the provided trash receptacles.

Torii Beach has two camping areas: South Camping and North Camping.  There are a total of 12 sites in the South Camping area.  Each site is equipped with one picnic table and a grill.  Price per night is $10.

The North Camping area is just one large area.  This site is equipped with concrete tables, a fire pit, and one grill.  Price per night is $30.   

Beach fires are not permitted at Torii Beach.  Please utilize the provided fire pits.  Fire rings/pits can also be rented through Torii Outdoor Recreation.

Unit Parties

Planning your unit party couldn't be easier than at Torii Beach!

Everyone in your unit will have fun with all of the activities we offer. Let Havana's cater your party with delicious food and beverages. Contact our Catering Manager at DSN (315) 652-4655 or visit our Havana's page for more information.

Dive Shop/Retail Shop

The best on the island

Formerly known as the Torii Scuba Locker and now under Torii Outdoor Recreation, we pride ourselves in being the premiere scuba and dive shop on Okinawa. We're a one-stop-shop for all your scuba and snorkeling needs and-our customer's first choice.

  • Top brands of scuba equipment include Apeks, Aqua Lung, Cetecea, Light and Motion, Scubapro, SunBum, Trident, Underwater Kinetics, XS Scuba and much more
  • Torii Beach Scuba Locker custom T-shirts and apparel (limited supply available)
  • Professional and friendly staff to help you make the right choices

Quality rentals

Torii Outdoor Recreation's dive shop offers quality and affordable rentals to enhance your underwater experience. 

Torii Outdoor Recreation, Diving Equipment Rental Price List

Buoyancy Compensator (B.C.) $5.00 $35.00 $150.00
Regulator $6.00 $42.00 $180.00
 Wetsuit $5.00 $35.00 $150.00
Tank $5.00 $35.00 $150.00
Compass $2.00 $14.00 $60.00
Mask, Fin, Snorkel Set $10.00 $70.00 $300.00
Mask $4.00 $28.00 $120.00
Fin $4.00 $28.00 $120.00
Snorkel $4.00 $28.00 $120.00
Snorkel Vest $2.00 $14.00 $60.00

Air Fill Stations

We have quick and convenient air fill stations to help you prepare for your next exciting adventure.

Item Price
Air Fill $3.00
Nitrox Fill $6.00
Medical O2 Bottle $12.00
Deco Mix - 50/50 or O2 $15.00
Custom Nitrox Mix, single tank $20.00
Custom Nitrox Mix, doubles $25.00
Helium $2.00
Contact Torii ODR To Make A Reservation