Hours of Operation

Effective Wednesday, July 15, due to the elevated HPCON "C" level, we have moved into Phase 2 response. Havana's will offer "take-out" only. Please view the menus below.

Monday 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Tuesday 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Wednesday 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Thursday 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Friday 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Holiday Closed


Mail Code: IMJN-OMW-BC
Bldg #200
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Effective Wednesday, July 15, due to the elevated HPCON "C" level, we have moved into Phase 2 response.  Havana's will be offering take out only.  


For take out menus, please see below:


For our daily specials "take out" menu:



Breakfast Menu


Menus and prices subject to change without notice.

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Menus and prices subject to change without notice.

Lunch Menu


July Daily Specials -$8.95

'Healthy Choices' Menu

500 calories or less

Malibu Chicken Flatbread Pizza-$6.95

Chicken Monterey Pita-$6.95

Toasted Swiss & Tuna Sandwich-$5.95


WCAC Catering

Havana's Catering offers full service catering and can accomodate parties and special functions as small as 30 to 300 guests. Havana's, Torii Station's signature club, has 3 venue options which include Rally Point, Havana's (ballrooms), or CJ's Sunset Grill (open seasonally, from April to September) to suit your needs.  Whether you are hosting a small group, business meeting, organizing a professional conference, or just want a simple outdoor BBQ at sunset, Havana's Catering can make your event truly memorable.  

Catering Policies

As of October 1, 2018, we have enacted room rental fees.  Room rental fees are incurred when a host does not require food or beverage service, but would like to reserve the space for functions. The room rental fee covers expenses that are generated by that function, such as set up and clean up after the event. All room rental fees are based on a 4 hour time period.  If more time is needed, additional fees will apply.   All room rentals will come with standard linens which includes a table cloth and skirting with one overlay and accompanying standard folded napkins for each table.  Additional requests for extra table cloths and special linens will incur an additional charge.  For a full list of catering policies, please download them here.

Buffet Leftovers

Due to health and sanitation concerns, "to-go" boxes will not be provided for meals that were not served or from food items remaining on a buffet or hors d'oeuvres menu.

Outside Food and Beverages

Club policy and Department of Army regulations do not permit the introduction of outside food and beverages by any member, patron, or group for consumption in the club.  The only exception are specialty cakes (i.e. birthday cakes) which will be handled on a case by case basis. In these cases, there will be a $1.00 plating fee per person applied.


Planning and Attendance


At the time of initial booking, you must provide your full name, organization, home and office phone numbers, date of proposed function, approximate number who will be in attendance and the time when your food or beverage service is to be served. Functions initially booked by telephone or in person are considered tentative until the host comes to Havana's and signs a contract and a $100 deposit is made.  Please plan on making your reservation as early as possible and at least two weeks in advance.  All payments must be made in full by the day of the event. 


The sponsor must contact the caterer no later than one week prior to the function.  Final guarantees for functions scheduled Monday through Friday, will be given 48 hours prior to an event.  For weekend functions, guarantees are needed by noon on the Wednesday prior to your function.  Once given, your headcount may not be reduced.  Charges are billed according to this guarantee or final headcount, whichever is higher.

Service Charge

A 15% service charge will be added to all food and beverage charges. 

Pricing and Fees

Room Charges



Mon-Sun                0700 –1700         $150 (Each additional hour $25)

Fri-Sat                   1500 – 2400         Unavailable (Lounge Open)

Mon-Sun                1700 –2400         $300 (Each additional hour $50)

Entire Ballroom   

Mon –Fri                0700 – 1500         Unavailable – Dining open

                              1500 – 2400         $400 (Each additional hour $50)

Sat-Sun                  0700 – 1500        $600 (Each additional hour $50)

East Side Ballroom (La Tropicana)

Mon- Fri                0700 – 1700          $75 (Each additional hour $25)

Mon- Fri                1700 – 2400          $300 (Each additional hour $50)          

Sat – Sun              0700 -  2400         $500 (Each additional hour $50)

West Side Ballroom (La Plaza de Havana)

Mon – Fri                0700 – 1700         Unavailable – Dining open

Mon – Fri                1700 – 2400         $300 (Each additional hour $50)

Sat – Sun                0700 – 2400        $500 (Each additional hour $50)

CJ’s Sunset Grill (located on Torii Beach/Seasonally from April to September )

Mon – Sun             0700 – 2400         $200 (Each additional hour $50)

Inclement Weather Fees:

A rain day decision must be made by the sponsor, one day prior to the event, if the sponsor decides to move the event into the club.  A rain day change of location from the beach to the club on the day of the event will incur a $100 fee.  In the event of a possible approaching typhoon, it is recommended that your event be postponed to a later date.  If you choose to continue with the original date and the installation closes, you will be responsible for the full contract amount.


Bar Arrangements:  Bar service is available for a $75 fee for the first hour and $25 for each additional hour after.  If bar sales do not reach these minimum requirements, the difference will be added to the final bill. 

Conference Package:  A Havana’s conference room package is offered for 30 patrons or more with tea, coffee, pastry (for duration of 2 hours) and a light lunch is offered for $15.00 per person.   Catering manager will provide a list of available meal options.

Conference Package Availability


Mon-Sun               0700 – 2400                                                                                                 Fri-Sat                  1500 – 2400         Unavailable (Dining room occupied)

Entire Ballroom    0700 – 1500        Unavailable – Dining room occupied

Mon –Fri                1500 – 2400

East Side Ballroom (La Tropicana)

Mon- Sun               0700 – 2400      

West Side Ballroom (La Plaza de Havana)

Mon – Fri                0700 – 1500         Unavailable – Dining room occupied

Mon – Fri                1600 – 2400      

Sat – Sun                0700 – 2300          

Additional Add-Ons:

Audio/Visual Support:  Use of any or all of the following:  Projector, screen, sound system, podium or microphones will incur a flat rate of $100. 

Linens:  Tablecloths or skirting $5.00 each, overlays $3.00 each, napkins $2.00 each

Water Station/Beverage Station:  Water Station:  $25.00 per day, for other beverage stations: please see catering manager

There are a variety of additional add-ons that can be added to customize your function, please consult our catering manager for details.



Decorations will be the sole responsibility of the party sponsor. Decorations may be attached to the walls, doors, and ceilings with no damage to the surface that it is adhered to.  Club owned decorations or fixtures will not be removed from any part of the club. Decorations must be removed immediately after your function.  The throwing of rice, confetti, or birdseed inside or outside of the club is not allowed.


Clients (hosts) are liable for any loss or damange of facility property or equipment. Havana's Catering or the host facility is unable to assume responsibility for any loss or damage of any merchandise or articles left or sent to the facilities prior, during or following an event.

Catering Menus

Our catering menu offers many delectable options for a casual gathering or a formal affair. To view our full catering menu, please click here for our downloadable PDF.  


To speak with our catering manager, please call 644-4655 or dial 098-962-4655 if calling from a cell phone.