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Torii MWR serves active duty Army, reserves, retirees, dependents, and civilian personnel stationed on Okinawa, Japan.  Through Family and MWR Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising (CS&A), you can ensure direct exposure and engagement of your products and services to our ever growing Army community.

What is Commercial Sponsorship?

Commercial Sponsorship is an exchange of values. Torii MWR commercial sponsors provide goods, cash, or services to underwrite or offset the cost of providing MWR programs and events in return for advertising or promotional opportunities within the military community.

What is Commercial Advertising?

Torii MWR's Commercial Advertising Program generates revenue for Torii Station's Army community through activities and programs. Torii MWR advertisers are guaranteed promotion of their products, services, and businesses within the military community.

How Can Torii MWR's CS&A help you?

Torii MWR's Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising Program (CS&A) is an effective means of achieving visibility and exposure in a hard-to-reach, ever mobile, military market. Your business can build name awareness, enhance business image, and increase visibility through:

  • Visual identification with sponsor's trademark, logo, or name used on flyers, printed materials like table tents, signs, banners, coupons, and other promotional materials when feasible
  • Acknowledgement in event publicity including social media like Facebook, our Torii MWR Enterprise website, on-site announcements, AFN radio, and other promotional outlets when feasible
  • On-site involvement and engagement opportunities including public address announcements, company recognition in awards and presentations, event hospitality tents
  • Opportunity for product sales tie-ins, exhibits, displays and demonstrations, samping, and the opportunity to engage customers as well as do market research prior to or at events
  • Media plans including cooperative advertising, radio giveaways, and special promotions
  • Direct access to the military market
  • Maximum exposure and visibility for your products and services

How Can We Work Together?

Discover how to unleash the power of Torii MWR's Commerical Sponsorship and Advertising Program (CS&A) to obtain direct access to the military market. Torii MWR's Marketing Team looks forward to working with you as an engaged partner in providing quality MWR programs and activities to the local Torii Army community and the larger "purple" military market.

Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising (CS&A) Program

Torii MWR's Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising (CS&A) Program offers the opportunity to display your company's information on a variety of promotional outlets inluding our Torii MWR Enterprise website, social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, digital signage, print publications and other media outlets, as well as within our MWR facilities.  Torii MWR Advertising gives your business the opportunity to reach our Army community.

Invest in Torii MWR as an advertiser and grow your business "inside the gates."  All proceeds from advertisers are reinvested back into our MWR facilities and support Soldiers and Families of Torii Station. MWR Enterprise Website & Social Media

Our website is one of the first websites visited by Soldiers and their Families when moving or PCSing to Torii Station. They use our site to research what to expect at their new duty station.  Our social media sites (including Facebook and Instagram @toriimwrokinawa) are fast becoming the "go-to" place for information.  Currently, we have just over 11,000 followers subscribing to our pages and we have an active and engaging community who post/share on these sites daily.

Outdoor Large Size Banners

We use large size outdoor banners (made with all-weather material) at two of our most popular facilities: Torii Pool and Torii Outdoor Recreation which includes our dive shop.  We are currently working on other options and locations to display these large size banners.  

Indoor Digital Signage

Torii MWR has interior monitors in some of our facilities on Torii Station that display a combination of program flyers and paid advertisements.  Currently, digital monitors are available at Torii ODR, Torii Arts & Crafts, Havana’s (our signature club), Torii Physical Fitness Center, with plans to add more in our other Torii MWR facilities. 

Flyers and Posters

Advertisers can supply their own flyers and poster for display at "high traffic" areas such as our Torii MWR Physical Fitness Center, Auto Skills Center, Torii Library,  Havana's, and Torii Outdoor Recreation which includes beautiful Torii Beach and our dive shop.

Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

Contact us today to learn more about how you can get involved with Torii MWR Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising (CS&A) opportunities on Torii Station.

We have a number of annual events as well as new events and programs that may fit your needs as a commercial sponsor or advertiser.

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