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Torii Outdoor Recreation Presents Torii Beach Features

Enjoy fall and cooler temperatures at Torii Beach! Join us at Torii Outdoor Recreation for free family friendly games and activities on weekends! The activities take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 1100, 1400, and 1600. No registration necessary.

9/4 SAT Beach Bowling
-Bring your own 100 yen store plastic pins and balls or we can provide them for you. Join us for a game of beach bowling! Don't worry about renting bowling shoes, shoes are not required!
9/5 SUN Checkers on the Beach
9/11 SAT Squirt Ball
-Play a game of Squirt Ball down at the beach. Aim of the game is to get a beach ball to the other side of the playing field using a, you guessed it, a water or squirt gun. Refill as necessary down at the water's edge.
9/18 SAT Parachute Game
-What can you do with a simple beach blanket and a beach ball? Play the parachute game and see how high you can get that beach ball to bounce! Aim for the sky.
9/19 SUN Chess on the Beach
9/25 SAT Build a Sandman
-We may not get snow on Okinawa, but we have sand, lots and lots of sand. Transfer those winter skills of building a snowman to the beach and build your own sandman! Decorate with shells, pebbles, or whatever else you might find. Let your imagination run wild!



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