2020 Joint Army-Navy Intramural Softball League

2020 Joint Army-Navy Intramural Softball League

Torii Fitness Center & Gym - Mail Code: IMJN-OMW-RSP Bldg #266 Google Map

This year will be a joint Army and Navy Intramural Softball League. We're looking for 8 teams (4 Army, 4 Navy) which will have priority. If there are other teams that want to play, we may accept them on a space available basis; so still register if you're interested. Entry deadline is COB, Thursday, 16 July. 

Games will be played at Torii Station; two games at night, first at 7pm, second at 8pm. Days will be determined at the coaches meeting and will depend on number of teams signed up.  Coaches meeting will be held on Monday, July 20.  Army or Navy unit teams are eligible to register.  Games will be single round-robin with a doublie eliminiation championship.

Registration Info

To register as an Army team, sign up at Torii Physical Fitness Center or email Lisa Kennedy at lisa.a.kennedy27.naf@mail.mil or call 644-4334.  Navy teams should sign up at Camp Shields or email Mike Griffith at Michael.Griffith@fe.navy.mil or call 632-4013.