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Pirate Republic Coffee Company


Stop by the Pirate Republic Coffee Shop, located inside the Torii Library.

We offer a wide selection of coffee beans, organic teas and colas, as well as specialty sandwiches and desserts.

Top 3 reasons why you should visit our café...

1. Delight your senses with the aroma of fresh brewed, organic coffee. It will improve your mood.

2. Catch-up with your friends in our cozy café. It will bring you happiness.

3. Lounge around to escape the daily hustle and bustle. It will allow you to relax.

Coffee Menu

Start your morning right!

Our café boasts delicious coffee from Camano Island Coffee which can be prepared via freshly brewed, pressed, or brewed through the Trifecta machine. Your coffee can also be customized just the way you like it!  We also carry organic loose leaf tea in a variety of flavors.

Menus and prices subject to change without notice.


Coffee Specialties

Item  Price
Espresso $1.85
Cappuccino $3.25
Café Americano $1.95
Café Latte $3.45
Café Mocha $3.65
Latte Macchiato $3.75
White Chocolate Mocha $3.75
Trifecta Gourmet Coffee $2.75
Featured Coffee of the Month $3.90


Customize your Drink

Item  Price
Extra Espresso Shot 95¢
Whipped Cream 50¢
Flavored Syrup 55¢
    Vanilla 55¢
    Sugar Free Vanilla 55¢
    Hazelnut 55¢
    Caramel 55¢ 
    Raspberry 55¢
    Coconut 55¢


French Press

Item  Price
Single serving pot (17 oz.) $2.95
Double serving pot (34 oz.) $5.25
Organic Loose Leaf Tea $3.75
Food Menu

Menu and prices subject to change without notice.

Pirate Republic Coffee Company now uses olive oil mayonnaise which is 50% lower in fat and calories than regular mayonnaise.

Weekly Sandwich Specials $7.45

Our café offers specialty sandwiches, pizzas from 11a.m until close, and delicious sweets from open to close. Please click on our menu for sandwich descriptions.



29 July - 2 August 19 Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich
5 - 9  August 19 Lamb Burger
12 - 16 August 19 Reuben Sandwich

*All above sandwiches are served with potato chips.


Fresh baked pizzas are available in medium and large sizes. Our new top-of-the line oven pumps out pizzas in minutes.

 Pizzas Medium   Large  
Cheese $11.95 $13.95
Pepperoni $12.95 $14.95
Sausage $12.95 $14.95
Extra Topping     $1.25 $1.50

Sandwich (Offered Daily)

Muffaletta $6.95
BLT Sandwich $5.95
Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich $4.95
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $3.95

* All above sandwiches are served with potato chips.

Coffee Beans

We carry Camano Island Coffee which is USDA certified, organic and shade-grown. Our wide selection of coffee beans are available by the pound for purchase. We can even grind the beans for you!

Here are just a few of the many flavors you can take home:

Coffee descriptions

Coffee Body         Aroma
Guatemala - Light Roast Medium Bright and fruity
Guatemala - Medium Roast Medium Bright and fruity
Peru - Light Roast Light Hints of fruit
Papua New Guinea - Light Roast Medium Raw sugar and sweetness
Papua New Guinea - Medium Roast Medium Rich chocolatey tones with banana and berry flavors
Brazil - Medium Roast Medium/Full Slightly spicy and nutty
Brazil - Dark Roast Medium/Full Hints of caramel, spice and a nutty base
Sumatra - Medium Roast Full/Syrupy Dried fruit and nutty
Honduras - Dark Roast Medium/Full  Rich molasses and caramel tones
Variety Supremo - Premium Espresso Blend Full Sweet and smooth

Don't forget to buy your Pirate Republic Coffee mug. They make excellent gifts for yourself and/or that special someone, friend, family member, etc.

Drive-In Movie Nite

Sep 25 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Drive-In Movie Nite

Sep 25 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm